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Our production capabilities, capacity and quality of production technologies are used in our production subcontracting. All types of activities that we can offer, are described in the section Production Capabilities. We offer subcontracted deliveries to companies both inside and outside the aviation industry. So far, we have supplied components to following partners: 

Subcontracting with companies inside the aviation industry:
GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems (GB)

- production of engine air intake for the CASA CN -235

- production of erosion shields for Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aero Vodochody
Evektor Aerotechnik
Jihlavan Jihlava

Subcontracting with companies outside the aviation industry:
Škoda Vagonka


Successfully finished contracts:
EADS-Sogerma, Cessna a Textron company, Fischer Advanced Composites Components AG, GE Healthcare, OTIS Elevator Company