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L 410


CT302-L 410 UVP-E20         Russian Federation
EA-9401   Brazil
AV-9703   Argentina
A-B46-04/16   Chile
727-2006-MTC/12.04   Peru
PRE-GGSA-GCO-2934-2015   Venezuela
1-99   Cuba
5-22/2011-AED   India
136/2013   Nepal
5VT9800015   Philippines
KTCV200703A   Korea
A048   Indonesia
Acceptance of EASA.A.026   RSA
1680 DACM/SDTA/AIR/08   Algeria 
A204   Australia
CAA - VTC - 125   Taiwan
Type acceptance of EASA.A.026   Turkey


Many other countries accept some of the above listed certificates. The L 410 UVP-E20 is certified on the basis of FAR 23 either Amendment 34 or Amendment 41.