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>> Aeronautical Services and Activities

  • Commercial air transport (unscheduled, international, national)
  • Aviation work
  • Test flights
  • Operation of gliders and baloons
  • Flights on own account
  • Recreational and sport flights
  • Training flights


Passengers and aircraft clearance

- clearance of passengers and baggage after arrival and before departure
- customs clearance of passengers and flight crew travelling outside EU and Schengen area (upon request with 24 hours notice)
- aircraft loading
- elaboration of pre-flight documentation
- services for customers of General aviation category
- arrangement of accommodation for flight crew and passengers
- rest facilities for crew and passengers (WiFi, TV, refreshments)


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Private aircraft clearance

- providing services for clearance of private aircraft in the area of the aerodrome building


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 Cargo shipment clearance (limited according to volume)

- information on import shipments
- customs declaration
- information on export shipments
- cargo areas


Transport to airport

- individual transport of passengers by mini-buses or by taxi


Aircraft technical clearance

- external electric power supplies
- refueling JET A-1, AVGAS 100 LL (only in Aeroclub facilities)
- aircraft anchoring
- aircraft towing (limited by the type of aircraft)
- cleaning aircraft interior
- adding on-board catering
- aircraft hangaring (limited by the type of aircraft, subject to available capacity)
- snow removal (mechanical only)
- technical support and maintenance (limited by the type of aircraft)

Equipment for technical clearance:
- external ground power unit
- towing tractors
- towing bars (for L 410, Cessna and similar types)
- vans, cars and vehicles
- high-lift trucks


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The price list of airport charges download here.


Short-term events and renting of aircraft fields

Requests for holding special events and short-term renting of the airport should be submitted in writing by letter or e-mail.

This request must include the following:
- description of the action
- event organizer
- responsible person
- date of the event
- required space
- estimated number of participating people
- the type and specification of technical equipment which will be used
- security requirements