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T-1-1 ground school 30 hours
T-1-1 CPT (cockpit procedure training) 6 hours
T-1-1 simulator training 20 hours
A/C base training 3,5 flight hours (8 landings)
A047 Indonesia
TRE check 1,0 flight hour
DURATION 12 days


Minimum entry requirements:


  • License ATPL or CPL ( IR )
  • Total hours flown required for co-pilot 200h (100 as PIC )
  • Frozen ATPL for co-pilot ( passed theory exams ATPL )
  • MCC course or MPA plane flown before.
  • Valid ME IR
  • Valid Medical certificate

Place of performance:

Flight Training Centre located in Ostrava Czech Republic (preview the Let's Fly Certificate)

Note: MCC and MPA modules are optionally available

Contact trainings pilots:

Mgr. iuris Robert Erhart, LLM.

Commercial Director

tel:         +420-572 816 110

cell:       +420-778 750 037