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In his interview for the newspaper Orenburgskaja Nedelya, the General Director/ Manager of the International Airport "Orenburg” and Orenburžje airline Sergej Kalinovskij mentioned interesting facts about our L410 aircraft. The Orenburžje airline is our main customer, who has five of our aircrafts in operation as of today. According to Mr. Kalinovskij, five aircrafts is not a sufficient quantity, and it will be necessary to supply another two.

The purchase of L410 was also dependent on the decision of the governor of the Orenburg region, Mr. Yuri Aleksandrovich Berg, who gave instructions to find aircraft that would be intended for regional and local transport. Therefore, the Orenburžje company decided to purchase our very own L410 UVP-E20, which meets the requirements of Mr. governor. 



Besides our aircraft in Privolozhski district, there are also an eight-seater Pilatus, owned by Avia Management Group Airlines, as well as a nine-seater Cessna owned by Ak Bars Aero Airlines. The Orenburzhe Airlines often surpasses competing companies, owing to our airplanes. Based on the Rosaviatsia statistics, within 9 months of the current year, the total number of transported passengers within the Privolozhsky district has risen to 64,954. Our Orenburg customer has transported 33,270 passengers, which is more than half of the total number of passengers. Orenburzhe Airlines’ operating cost per passenger runs 6,485 rubles, while  Avia Management Group and Ak Bars Aero  cost per passenger hit 14,245 rubles and15,884 rubles, respectively. According to Mr. Kalinovsky the above data confirm that our L 410 UVP-E20 was the right choice.


On top of that, the Orenburzhe Airline received from Aircraft Industries, Inc. the Service Center Authorization Certificate, covering all types of technical maintenance of the L410, and thereby created new jobs.