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The framework agreement between Aircraft Industries, a.s. and Ural Factory of Civil Aviation (UZGA), which only determines the direction of future cooperation between both companies, was signed at the end of July 2015. On the basis of this agreement a planned expansion of production 
(resp. L 410 aircraft assembly) in the Russian Federation will be located in the mentioned UZGA production plant. Production of the L 410 aircraft in Kunovice, Czech Republic, will not be in any way affected by this plan, and on the contrary it will be gradually increased based on the existing plans, particularly in order to meet the needs of markets in Asia, Africa and North and South America. Aircraft Industries, a.s. company intends to expand aircraft production of up to 30 units per year in the future. In addition, research and development concerning the modernization and modifications of L 410 aircraft will continue in Kunovice.