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2,500 satisfied visitors, 16 experienced guides, 453 balloons, 452 advertising items sold.

It was an Open Day in Aircraft Industries!     


          On Saturday, September 15, four years later, we again opened the doors of our company for the public. From the very early morning, the first groups of visitors began to arrive. Unlike in 2014, we decided to organize the event in the form of a fair with excursions to production facilities, which turned out to be a good idea. Visitors didn’t wait in long queues and went straight to the hangars with aircraft where they could feel a pleasant atmosphere. Inside the A11S hangar, both real aircraft and models were demonstrated, also a prototype of the modernized aircraft L 410 NG which visitors could see from inside.

            All potential employees were provided with the information from our HR Department and the Aviation School. A stand with souvenir products was one of the most popular place on that day, same as a stand where we treated children with sweets, balloons, and other small things.

            After visitors took photos with aircraft and watched a video about our company and products they were heading to the place where excursion began. They were waiting for their turn to see the production process from the beginning to the end. Thanks to competent organizers and our experienced guides, we were able to cope without any problems even with the biggest influx of visitors, which happened at around 11 am. Thank you for being with us and creating a great atmosphere!


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