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>> Survey "100 persons of of Czechoslovak aviation 1918 - 2018"

              On Friday, October 2, 2018, a solemn presentation of the survey was held at the Aviation Museum of Methodius Vlach at the airport in Mladá Boleslav. The ceremony was attended by many famous people from aviation industry, officials and other prominent figures of the Czech and Slovak civil and military aviation.

             The idea of ​​the project “Czechoslovak wings 1918–2018” was implemented by the well-known company Aeroteam, which also celebrated its anniversary - 30 years of aviation glorification.

The main part of the event was the survey "100 Aviation Celebrities of the Century." The study included 280 candidates who contributed to the emergence and development of aviation in Czechoslovakia. Further, the public through voting identified 100 people, whose names will form the basis of the wings of glory called “National Aviation Legends”. Such a wing of glory, which hosts the names of outstanding people of aviation, is now part of the Aviation Museum of Methodius Vlach.

             Main partners of the event were the Czech Association of Aviation and the Museum of Aviation named after Methodius Vlahoja in Mladá Boleslav, media partner - Press Slovakia and Flying Revue magazine. The project was done with the support of Jan Breja, Chairman of the Transport Agency of the Slovak Republic, David Jágr, Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, and Jan Klas, General Director of the Air Traffic Management Department.

                It is especially pleasant for our company that names of former and current employees of LET Kunovice (now Aircraft Industries) were added to the list of candidates - test pilots Vladimir Vlk, Frantisek Srnets, Stanislav Sklenarzh, chief designer Ladislav Smrchek, strength engineer, chief designer and university teacher prof. Antonin Pishtek, pilot, aviation publicist Albert Orlita. The list of the most popular aircraft of the last 100 years includes six aircraft manufactured by our company - L-13 Blanik, L-200 Morava, L-29 Delfin and L-410 Turbolet.

              Also, a new book “A Short Review of Czechoslovak Aviation”, by author Petr Kolmann, as well as a book of drawings and comics “Air is Our Sea” by Šorel, Kocián, Kolmann were presented on the ceremony.

                On this occasion, the first L-23 glider Super Blanik produced by BLANIK CZ, which took over the production and further development of the legendary glider in Kunovice, was presented to the aviation community.


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