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The L 410 NG, brand new turboprop commuter, inheriting the best of L 410 family aircraft, offers now improved flight parameters and operational characteristics, modern technologies and advanced avionics. Modernized aircraft, which carries the name L 410 NG, remains in the “commuter category” and thus its passenger capacity will be 19 and two pilots


The advantages of L 410 NG aircraft

Modernized aircraft is characterized by many changes. Fundamental changes include: MTOW increase, payload increase, essential double enlargement of front luggage compartment as a result of aircraft nose prolongation and, last but not least, new wing structure with integral fuel tank and its production technology.


Integral fuel tanks enable significant increase of fuel capacity. It uses a GE H85-200 BC04 power plant together with AV 725 propellers.



Operators, by means of these crucial changes, receive an aircraft with improved parameters and utility characteristics such as range extension, cruising speed increase and radical engine “hot and high performance” improvement.  Implementation of “damage tolerance” maintenance philosophy will significantly increase the operation life of the aircraft.  Last but not least, we will implement a full "Glass Cockpit“ into pilot cabin. The passenger cabin will undergo significant modernization, which, as a result, will offer an environment that passengers are used to from higher category aircrafts. 


Maiden flight of L 410 NG was accomplished on July 29, 2015.



Development of the L 410 NG is realized in terms of the MOSTA project, in which other Czech companies and research or educational institutions are cooperating. The project is supported by state resources by means of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


Composites, which will be used on the L 410 NG, are being developed by the  INKOM project, also financially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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The L 410 NG aircraft will be offered in all versions as the current model L 410 UVP-E20 aircraft.


The development of innovated model L 410 NG in our company has a positive impact on the whole Czech aviation industry and in areas such as:  

  • Expansion and quality growth of research developmental capacities of aviation industry in the Czech Republic

  • Impulse for innovation of aircraft engines, propellers and devices – improvement of competitiveness of these products on the world market

  • Use know-how and synergic effects created within research and development activities of the czech aviation industry

  • Better chance to involvement the Czech Republic into European and international projects in the field of research, development and manufacturing of aviation technology.


Download the L 410 NG flyer with technical data here.