L 410 will fly to the “cold pole”

L 410 may begin to carry travellers to the coldest populated place on earth - Siberian Oymyakon. The coldest place on the planet (outside of Antarctica) has recently become a very popular destination for tourists. Last year, 200,000 people visited the Yakutsk region of Russia. Thanks to tourists and Czech airplanes, the airport built during the war with Japan in 1942 also came to life.

A trip to Oymyakon is recommended only for physically strong people. On the spot, travellers can get acquainted with a special breed of mountain horses, try winter fishing or watch how villagers breed cattle. However, the strongest impression is made by an extraordinary frost, which reaches 50 ° below zero. In 1926, a temperature of -71.2 °C was recorded, but the officially recognized record — February 1933 —67.7 °C. The local residents continue to work at -55 °C. People here do not suffer from viruses, because frost destroys all bad bacteria.

Airlines ”Polyarnye Avialinii” can start flying already in March of this year.