3D prezentation of L 410 NG

The 3D presentation of the L 410 NG aircraft was first introduced at the MAKS-2019 in Moscow, where everyone could visit the cabin of the aircraft, get acquainted with its various modifications, technical specifications and even sit in the pilot's seat by using special equipment installed at our booth.

The L 410 NG has great potential and is the latest version of the L 410 series. Compared to its predecessor, the L 410 UVP-E20, it offers significantly improved flight parameters and operational characteristics, use of advanced technologies and modernized avionics. The new design of the wing with an integrated fuel tank provides increased fuel capacity, allowing for considerably longer flight range and endurance. Another crucial improvement is the increase of MTOW and payload, resulting in the ability to carry an extra 500 kg of cargo, with increased volume provided by the nose extension. The aircraft is equipped with the more powerful GE H85-200 engine and AV 725 propeller.

The L 410 NG keeps the best of L 410 family: designed for short take-off and landing, excellent performance in hot temperatures and high altitude conditions, varieties of equipment, options to have special interchangeable configurations and safe operation. The aircraft has been certified in accordance with regulations of EU (EASA), USA (FAA), Russian Federation (FATA). You can get more information aboutL 410 NG by viewing the 3D presentation video here