Cooperation on the the project “Pilots to people”

The “Pilots to People” project brought together a group of volunteers, pilots who, in this difficult situation, help with the transportation of medical equipment and necessary personnel across the Czech Republic. There are more than 300 pilots, who can work at 90 airfields throughout the country, registered in the project system. These are the pilots who, for the majority of their flying career, fly for pleasure at aero clubs and on sports airplanes. Thus, they are happy to use their hobby to help others and significantly accelerate the much-needed logistics of medicines. Among the volunteers there are also helicopter pilots who are able to provide uninterrupted transportation of materials directly to hospitals.

The first flight under the project was performed by the acrobatic pilot and the world’s champion of the Red Bull Air Race series Martin Šonka, who transported medical equipment from Brno to Ostrava.

Our company is always ready to take part in such initiatives. All flights operated at Kunovice Airport under this project were exempted from all air charges.

The project receives positive feedback from other countries. “We were contacted by representatives of Luxembourg who would like to launch a similar project at the state level, and they use the Czech project as an example of the viability of this initiative. We got a similar reaction from the UK”, - says Ondřej Daňa, project representative.

Press release of the project “Pilots to people”: