L 410 helps during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of human life, including aviation. “As a part of support of our operators, we found out how the whole situation had influenced them. We are glad that our aircraft help around the world during the crisis, and we are very proud of it,” says Ilona Plshkova, CEO of Aircraft Industries.

CAIRE from French Guiana carried out flights required by the Region, the state and hospitals to transport Regional Health Agency (ARS) personnel, medical personnel or to transport medical equipment and foodstuffs to communes in the interior of the country.

Moreover, aircraft L 410 UVP-E20, belonging to the the 2-nd United Arkhangelsk Aviation Division, help in the transportation of materials and patients, both across the Arkhangelsk region and in other regions of Russia.

Within the framework of the cooperation between SiLA Airlines and the Russian Ministry of Health, patients with coronavirus were transported by air in the isolation pods.

SEARCA, Colombian largest charter carrier, has also deployed L 410 aircraft in humanitarian aid.

Air-Tec (Mauritius) involved its L 410 aircraft in the transportation of COVID-19 tests (performed in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Code), as well as patients with suspected COVID-19, which were transported in accordance with the strict recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The Nepalese Summit Air flew with L 410 as part of repatriation flights and also transported passengers from Lukla to Kathmandu. Foreign tourists (including several people from the Czech Republic) then returned home on charter flights from Kathmandu.

The carrier Icar Air from Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with its customer delivered the first COVID-19 tests to the country by the L 410.

We also receive positive news from our other operator - the Russian airline Orenburg from June 1, 2020 plans to resume flights with L 410 aircraft, suspended as part of measures taken against the spread of COVID-19. The restored flights will connect the city of Orenburg with Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Kazan.

“Thus, one of the main advantages of the L 410 aircraft has now become apparent - it is truly multifunctional. I would like to thank all our operators for the assistance they provide around the world,” concludes Mrs. Plshkova.