L 410 to French Guiana

On Monday, 25 January, an aircraft maintenance department completed the first order of this year - aircraft L 410 UVP-E20, serial number 2734. The day after, the aircraft with the operator's crew, consisting of Captain Serge Waring, co-pilot Wilhelm Lalaus and service technician Miroslav Kablasek, headed to the operator in French Guiana.

The aircraft with serial number 2734 was delivered to the customer in 2010 and has flown a little less than 10,000 hours to date. Last year, the aircraft underwent maintenance at the Aircraft Industries plant. As part of the service, among other things, the airframe structure, landing gear and propellers were repaired, both engines were overhauled, the wing was replaced, the linen covers of the steering surfaces were remastered, old paint was removed and new applied, new upholstery of the aircraft's interior was implemented as well.

This aircraft is the first L 410 to be painted in the operator's new livery. In accordance with the ADATO program, the aircraft's technical resource was increased to 30,000 flight hours. South America, due to its proximity to the sea and humid and salty climate, is probably the least favourable environment for air transport operation. Thus, protecting the aircraft from corrosion is an important part of service and maintenance. The wing structure, empennage, underfloor space and landing gear nacelle have been treated with Ardrox anti-corrosion agent to prevent moisture ingress.


Air Guyane Express operates a total of four L 410 UVP-E20s (serial numbers 2635, 2734, 2807 and 2903) and several different versions of the ATR-42. On the L 410 aircraft, the operator transports people, cargo and mail throughout the French overseas department. At the request of the customer, the aircraft is equipped with folding seats in the passenger cabin, which allows the passenger compartment to be converted into a cargo compartment in a few minutes. Air Guyane Express operates from Cayenne Airport, the capital of French Guiana, which has an area comparable to the Czech Republic and a population of 269,000.

The Kunovice to Cayenne route is divided into five flights with stops in Biarritz, France, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands and Brazilian Fortaleza. The duration of this route will be 11,000 km, or approximately 30 flight hours. Crossing the Atlantic would have been impossible without two additional fuel tanks, 900 liters each, located in the passenger compartment and extending the flight time to almost 10 hours. During the flight the tanks are serviced by an aircraft technician, who transfers fuel from them to the tanks in the aircraft wing.

We wish Air Guyana Express thousands more successful hours of flying!

We wish Air Guyana Express thousands more successful hours of flying!