Mister pilot

Stanislav Sklenář, professional test pilot with the longest working experience in the Czech Republic, at the end of March this year retired at the age of 79. On this occasion, Mr. Sklenář was awarded with an honorary badge of the 1st degree, which is one of the highest awards of the UMMC company. And how, rather than flying on L 410, Mr. Sklenář could say goodbye to us.

S. Sklenář started working at the state enterprise LET (Machine-Building Plants of the First Five-Year Plan) in 1956, since 1976 as a test pilot, and since 1991 as an air traffic controller and airport director, in 2000 he became a leading test pilot. He flew about 23,500 hours in total as a test pilot, of which 3,000 hours on gliders and 15,000 hours on the L 410. As a captain on the L 410, Mr. Sklenář made a total of about 300 flights. For his career, he received a number of awards, like an award from the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, an honorary badge from Aircraft Industries and UMMC companies, or the title of an honorary citizen of the Kamchatka, presented by the head of the region.

Let us also thank Mr. Sklenář for his excellent work. Thank you very much!


The video report of the ČT1 channel from the event can be found at the link below: