MAKS through the eyes of pilots

We were honored to fly the L 410 NG aircraft to Moscow, where the MAKS-2021 air show took place in.

During the flight, we used one of the main advantages of the L 410 NG aircraft – the increased capacity of its fuel tanks. Despite bad weather with a thunderstorm the flight from Kunovice to Moscow was made nonstop way. After almost five and a half hours of flight, we still had enough fuel to fly to the reserve airport.


The L 410 NG itself was presented in Moscow not for the first time: a prototype was demonstrated at the exhibition in 2016, this time we demonstrated a serial production aircraft. The aircraft took part in MAKS-2021 as part of a static exposition, where numerous visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical parameters, exterior and updated interior of the aircraft. Judging by the reviews, we dare to say that both the regular visitors and the knowledgeable specialists, who visited us right at the stand, were delighted with the plane, and the entire presentation of our product will have a positive effect on sales to the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, where L 410 is very famous and popular. In addition, the growth of sales of the L 410 NG modification will be facilitated by new government measures to increase the priority of the development of regional air transport in Russia.


It is also worth noting that from our point of view, MAKS-2021 was very well prepared by the organizers (Covid Red Zone). Through the eyes of the pilots, we did not notice the slightest flaw both on the ground and in the air during the demonstration flights, which is an excellent result.

At the exhibition, one of the journalists asked us if it was true that our plane was one of the safest in its category. The answer is unequivocal: “YES”. The aircraft is technically certified in accordance with the latest amendments to the EASA rules. In terms of human factors, the manufacturer has long resorted to widespread use of the highest D-level full flight simulator, in which pilots are fully trained on the L 410 UVP-E20, the original modification for the L 410 NG.

Jiri Piskaty a Stanislav Zemlicka