L 410 NG heading to Senegal

The L 410 NG has a new African customer. It is Senegal, which has ordered a total of five aircraft, with the first two already departing 25 March 2024. This is an important milestone for the OMNIPOL Group and our company.

Today at eight o'clock in the morning, the first two planes took off on their way to a new customer in Senegal They are facing a route of over 5000 km with 4 stopovers.

The planes will fly in the colors of the country's largest state carrier, Air Senegal. "Last year we penetrated the markets in Central Asia with our aircraft, today we are also strengthening our position in the African market " says Jiří Podpěra, President of the OMNIPOL.

And he adds: "Our aircraft have many advantages thanks to their specific characteristics, and therefore, I believe that Senegal will be another of the many satisfied customers of these legendary machines on the African continent."

Compared to the older L 410 UVP-E20 model, the L 410 NG offers improved flight parameters and operational characteristics, as well as more modern technologies and innovative avionics. In particular, it has a longer range and can carry 500 kilograms more cargo. The luggage compartment has also been doubled.

The aircraft is completely constructed in Aircraft Industries, with the involvement of 617 Czech companies in its production. Just for fun - 13,000 parts, 15,000 screws, 15,000 meters of cables and 180,000 rivets are needed to make one machine!