55 years in the sky: L 410 celebrates its anniversary

Today we celebrate one of the most significant milestones in our company's history - 55 years since the first takeoff of our legendary L 410 aircraft. During that time, we have connected people and dreams in more than 60 countries around the world.

In Kunovice, we produced 1,243 of these beautiful machines, and hundreds of them are still flying over Europe, Asia and Africa. This moment does not only mean looking back at past successes, but above all looking forward to the future of the aviation industry not only in Kunovice. Since the first flight, which lasted 45 minutes, we have been innovating the airplane and we are still flying forward!

During its 55 years of existence, the L 410 has built an unmissable place in the sky. Behind this success is a generation of experts and factory workers who created and perfected the aircraft into its current form. Its unique ability to take off and land on short unpaved runways and low operating and maintenance costs make it an irreplaceable machine for transportation in demanding terrains.

The L 410 stands out for its durability and safety, which is confirmed not only by statistics, but also by the trust of customers. Its spaciousness and equipment variability bring flexibility for different types of use, from transport to humanitarian missions.

Each L 410 requires many hours of work by our great employees, and for that we owe them a huge thank you. We also thank our customers, partners and fans. Your support, help and commitment keep the four hundred in the sky!

We wish the L 410 many more successful flights and endless journeys through the sky!